Skywatcher has crafted a promising progressive metal instrumental with extremely complicated guitar playthroughs in this music track, Prometheus.

Joey de Punder is the artist behind the stage name Skywatcher. He is a 29-year-old artist from The Netherlands, Boxtel. He was a member of a metal band, “Combined Fragments,” and now releasing his own music under the name “Skywatcher.”  the record is dedicated to the enduring spirit of Joey’s dad.

Inspired by John Browne of Monuments, Joey makes Instrumental, Progressive Metal, Djent, Arabic Metal type music. This music track is mainly a guitar playthrough to show his skills.

Increasing the inner energy of the listener, Prometheus starts with progressive metal music. The drum beats provide the bass line, and the theme highlights specifically the guitar parts. Strong, energetic, and straight guitar playthrough is much complicated that the listener will hypnotize with the music. Prometheus can induce the euphoria of a metal rock fan. Great stuff.

Listen to Prometheus on Spotify. Follow Skywatcher on Instagram and other social media and check out his official website for more music releases.

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