“Poverty” by YoungB, a beginner Hip Hop artist, was released on Youtube on March 25, 2021.

YoungB is a beginner Hip Hop artist based in Miami, Florida. He plays Hip Hop and Rap style songs to the public.

The black American Rapper Lil Boosie is his favourite idle. YoungB got the inspiration to be an artist from him.

YoungB is singing and making songs since 2015. “Poverty” is his second song release initially released in 2019 on Spotify. He has released nine other songs so far, “Let ‘em Hate” being the latest. Although the song “Poverty” has released more than a year ago, he managed to release an official video for this song just now. 

The song is about his real-life struggles, which he face day by day. Poverty is the main problem many people struggle with in their life. Not a usual topic used by artists as many artists use love, desperation or money as their topic in many songs.

The song overall is acceptable quality though the video is not. YoungB has a lot to learn from pro artists to sharpen up his skills.

Watch the “Poverty” official music video on Youtube. Listen to YounB’s other song releases on Spotify.

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