Popping Shit (feat. HBK JohnDoe)by Mack Ben Widdit was premiered on Youtube not so long ago, hoping for a Rap/hip hop genre hit.

Produced by Ran and Lay, labelled under Don’t Fold Entertainment, Popping Shit (feat. HBK JohnDoe) is an energetic and desirous rap and hip hop song.

Mack Ben Widdit is a hip-hop and rap artist based in Richmond, Virginia. The idea of this song popped into normal rival south side street gangs, and they started collaborating with each other to make this song. The final result is this song. Mack has released five singles to all streaming platforms, being Popping Shit (feat. HBK JohnDoe) the latest one. He has been in this industry since 2019.

This song’s official video release is not suitable for children as it promotes some sort of nudity. However, the song quality is top-notch, with infectious loops, rapping parts, and some singing. The music runs on a slow tempo, but the rhythm is enough to make you dance. Vocals are clear, strong, and confident, which can catch your attention.

Watch the official music video of Popping Shit (feat. HBK JohnDoe)on Youtube. Follow Mack Ben Widdit on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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