Presenting some of the very best guitar-work and melodic story-telling around, with organic rock soundscapes to backing and boost the mood of each track, Spirits proves as nostalgic as it is inspirational and continuously begs for you to turn up the volume.

Skywatcher has crafted a talented progressive metal instrumental with extremely complex guitar playthroughs in this music track, Osiris.

Joey de Punder is the artist under the stage name Skywatcher. He is a 29-year-old performer from The Netherlands, Boxtel. He was a member of a metal band, “Combined Fragments,” and now recording his latest single under the name “Osiris.”  

 Inspired by John Browne of Monuments, Joey makes Instrumental, Progressive Metal, Djent, Arabic Metal type music. This music track is mainly a guitar playthrough to show his skills.

Osiris is a dominant piece of music, and it completely blows you away – so much so that it feels like a lyrically guided song; there’s no doubt as to the heartache at its core, and this is what it attaches to within the listener.

Eccentric, beautifully performed – organic yet crisp and clean enough to let listeners really turn up the volume and escape into the moment. Also, a strong outline to Skywatcher as an inventive performer and artist. Absolutely one to look out for as and when the live scenes return.

Storming over with the unapologetic weight and pace of power metal and hard rock, the aptly titled single hit the scene with an exclusively creative, unpredictable fusion of fashionable sound design and the classic roar of heavy metal.

He is mostly active on Instagram.

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