Osiris opens up with absolute impact; a crisp, cool drum beat, seductive and melodic line, followed almost immediately by the swift and smooth hit of a distorted yet stylish guitar. For every soul who loves rock music and amazing guitar play, this is a must-listen for all of you. If this doesn’t get you goosebumps nothing else will. Trust me it’s that good. It feels like a symphony made for rock fans. Actually, the lack of lyrics helps to feel the rhythm and the energy more and be in the same mindset as the artist. 

Skywatcher is the artist who brings this awesome track for our pleasure. He is a very talented rock artist/composer from Boxtel, The Netherlands. He produces all kinds of music which go under the rock genre. It can be instrumental, progressive, or metal. With each song, he will inject his own identity and flare. Even though his instrumental songs he tries to give something positive to his loyal audience. John Browne of Monuments is great in the rock music industry  Skywatcher admires and inspired him to continue his creative work. Help give great music the support it truly deserves.

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