Dreamy production and laid-back yet lyrically catchy vocals infuse the uniquely engaging Call Me with a sense of color and confidence, and the track quickly gains momentum.

Michael III & Kelly Ru are incredibly talented brother and sister duo in hip-hop and rap artists based in Colorado. They bring their talent online on Youtube to impress the listener and hit the charts.

Call Me blends rap and melody in an anthem-like manner, keeping things fresh yet simple – short lines that are quick to connect – with somewhat classic layers of melody and a passionate bass-line and beat.

The dynamic between the two leading voices is brilliant, and the production continues to wrap listeners in its addictive and unique soundscape.

The whole thing marches to an excellent mix of rap and hip hop vocals, but with just enough hints of influence and familiarity to connect authentically.

Clever bars, one-of-a-kind sound design, passion, and precision fused – Call Me stands out for its character strength, skill, and professionalism all at once. This summer, it’s well worth a few spins.

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