“Nomad” is a unique rock song with some serious rock guitar parts, actually a whole lot of it. 

Many musicians have taken a break with actual instruments and make music on computer programs with emerging technologies. But, with that music, you can’t get the soulful music which we receive through instruments. Now, this song has the total energy of the rock guitar, drum, and some other percussion instruments.

Songs of Petrichor is a beginner rock band from Jeddah. Inspired by Tool, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath, this rock trio write songs based on their personal experiences and melancholic songs. For example, this song is about the drummers belonging issue.

Complemented with meaningful and poetic lyrics, Nomad is actually a mixture of Oriental Grunge and Progressive Rock genres. The narrator or “Nomad” of this song describes his nomadic life of not belonging to a single location, perseverance, moving on, pain, loss, vengeance, and yet finds space for hope.

“Songs of Petrichor” is a genuinely talented band that focuses on the international music industry with unique musical creations. The guitar tones, drumbeats, and other music are outstanding, and the vocals are unique as their accent is not native.

Check out their debut song release “Nomad” on Youtube. Follow “Songs of Petrichor” on Facebook and Instagram.

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