Sweet Imperfections take on a fresh melody and evident vocal passion throughout this intimate yet bold new single, Night Rainbow, which begins with a stylishly timeless backdrop and a smooth, sultry chord progression.

Sweet Imperfections is led by Bri Schillings, a singer-songwriter and a group of Southern California’s most talented musicians and writers. Bri was drawn to music as a child, feeling the connection and energy amid nature and sound. Following this charming pull, she found herself picking out melodies she had heard on various instruments and recalls feeling wonder and magic. As if she had revealed a secret door to a magical world where she felt safe, understood, beautiful, inspired, and learned what love was. Her relationship grew stronger as she experimented with various instruments, discovering that each had its own voice and would write its own song. She enjoys sitting down with music and saying, “Let’s go on an adventure,” and then allowing her heart, hand, and voice to flow.

Sweet Imperfections’ voice, quiet and calming, familiar, approachable, and genuine, combines with a simple vibrato of the acoustic guitar to offer this romantic, descending melody with short lines of gently spoken poetry.

The lyrics are straightforward. And the hook serving as a sort of antidote to the confusion and pain of the lyrics. The voice hangs on each note as if frozen in time, conveying the spirit of the writing purely and honestly.

Night Rainbow is far more mesmerizing than this written description can ever convey. It is gorgeously soulful, passionately revealing, genuine in lyric and delivery, and brings a fine artist and musician with a clear power within and relation to the creative process.

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