The creative energy of this latest metal rock track from The Cadeus is superb. The opening guitar riff offers the satisfying hit of any great or classic song, the gentle nature of it appeals but it’s also soaked in a certain sense of anticipation – you can feel that things are about to get much more intense. Rightly so, as the rhythm comes in, the music starts to build, the energy is high, then in a touch of effective structural awareness, the instrumentation falls away to allow the leading voice to present the verse sections. 

Cadeus is an interesting metal band you will find in the industry today.  What makes them special is that they are a virtual band. With the current world situation, it’s fascinating to see the improvisation of these creative artists to bring us something new and refreshing. 

The pace of the hook section in Killing in the Name is intense and heavy, the sound comes through as manic, as a swift and certain escape from the norm. The clever thing about this is that it represents the sudden onset of the high brilliantly. The switch between the calmer, mellow verses, to this full-throttle rock chorus, is very much a portrayal of the switch from the average mindset to the narcotic infused. Following this, the guitar work is incredible, captivating in a very classic rock and roll manner. Further enhancing the instrumentation – the drummer’s performance is insane.

They are clearly on the radar of everyone who is looking for metal anthems that can give you goosebumps. The journey upon which this song takes you is immense. The Cadeus is an exciting and undeniably talented group of musicians, creating within the indie world exactly what their name suggests. And they have done an amazing cover “Killing the name” hope you all will enjoy the same.

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