Hitting the scene with style and offering a brand new single for this year, artist and songwriter Tyreak Hakeem drives with addictive melodies and immersive grooves throughout this original release. It Could Be Over is a stunning pop song, blending dreamy and catchy production with equally catchy tunes and a voice that’s up-front, cleanly mixed, and softly soulful as it pours through. Brilliantly structured, dance-ready yet also mellow in concept and delivery during the verses. The track is an early stand-out and creates both an emotional and uplifting mood that urges you to turn up the volume. Tariq Rassoul, better known by his stage name Tyreak Hakeem is a rap artist and a songwriter from Cleveland Ohio. 

Tyreak Hakeem started rapping when he was just 10 years old. With the experience, he got over the years now he is ready to enter the mainstream and make his mark as a unique artist. Since he is writing and vocally his own music he knows the perfect combinations and always manages to impress his audience with music they have never experienced before. With his first mixtape  “TheFREEtape” he got a lot of traction among the community due to the quality of the song and the underlying message is conveyed to every soul who got lucky to check it. 

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