Bringing together soulful RnB melodies and hard-hitting bars with a clear sense of identity – BFG C-Mac draws focus to his lyricism and inspiring energy with his new single Hold On.

BFG C-Mac from Milwaukee, Wi, is a revolutionary star of the music industry. He is a multi-talented young artist who primarily records hip-hop and rap. Famous Motion Films produced his most recent single, Hold On.

A brave, melodic, haunting, heavy, intimate introduction, identity and confidence challenge true to the artist’s style.

Impressive bars, diverse pace, elegant and laid-back, but when needed clever – working well with the creative nature of music.

Hold On is more reflective, almost like a diary in which BFG C-Mac gives details of his own attitudes and his role worldwide. With a rather nostalgic finish and production-specific effects.

Reality stands high, and Hold On weaves in a contagious and passionate hang so that the gap between artist and audience is effectively bridged.

The backdrop consists of heavy bass, trapping rhythms, and haunting synths. While the voice of BFG C-Mac has a bit of self-tuning, it otherwise has a tight and upfront presentation.

Clear, dynamic, and diverse tone and delivery style are sufficient to maintain exciting things. The whole thing ticks a lot of boxes for what it wants to be relevant and hard-hit within the scene.

Musically, Hold On pays homage to the simpler hits of the past by focusing on a deeply moving subject matter and voice through a subtly upbeat piece of music that generally feels good to break free into. The writing is profound, the delivery matches with calm trust, and the whole thing only asks you to hear about it more than a few times.

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