SirenBlue’s Remastered re-released album, Death of Dreams, makes for the perfect starting point if you’re new to their sound and style. Higher sets the slightly experimental tone of this album beautifully. There’s a trippy, reverb-drenched lead vocal, and loads of space for all of the instrumentation as it floats above a root chord that sizzles quietly – in the perfect sonic backdrop to establish a vibe for the first couple of minutes. It’s a song that can be liked and loved by anyone. 

SirenBlue is a 4 piece indie-pop group based in the UK. Their music gives a smooth vibe which helps you to relax your mind and soul. The chemistry between them makes the listening experience much more enjoyable.  The combination of light music and amazing lyrics helps us go deeper within the song and feel it in an unimaginable way. I Imagined A Window is a bit of a rollercoaster. It feels organic and authentic and thrilling, with a dusting of electronics, and, best of all, autotune has been given the day off. Good shout. Where the paint has peeled, it’s only added character and gravity to the ride – and I, for one, want to go round again. It’s blown the cobwebs away!. This is just the start of more good music on the way.

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