Kicking off with the quickly atmospheric and rhythmically, lyrically engaging Goosebumps takes no time at all to grab attention – and holds tight to it throughout. This is high-quality story-telling, intellectual rhymes that tie in skillfully with emotionally loaded intimacy and unwavering honesty. That combination mixed with the amazing rap gives real goosebumps to anyone who listens to this masterpiece.  

Jay Omar is known as  Jayo more commonly in the groove and is a new boy to the rap scene who is creating a buzz with his new track. The track captivates every step of the way, increasingly so as it progresses – resolving just in time to give you a breather, letting that hook offer a moment of calm before more of that heavy reality rains down. A superb track, and the perfect way to introduce him to the industry. Since he is writing his own music it’s meaningful as well. He writes music to encourage and empower the community with positive vibes and good energy. That makes him on the path to be a great hip-hop rapper to bless our ears with cool music. You will be glad to find this gem and would want to listen to his other songs.


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