Get ready for hardcore dancing with this Electro Funk, Breakbeat track “GHETTOBLASTER” by Daree Rock.

Daree Rock was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. he discovered his passion for Electro Funk, Breakdance, and Electric-Boogaloo style music In the early 80ies. Daree Rock gained his first musical experience in the early 90s when he played records as a DJ in various clubs in Berlin such as Tresor, Elektrokohle, Suicide, or WM66 club.

After a long time working as a DJ, he was inspired by many artists such as Kraftwerk, Newcleus, Afrika Bambaataa, Paul Hardcastle, and Jonzun Crew and hundreds of records that he played. With this experience, Daree Rock started to produce his own music. Daree’s music is a unique combination of new and old school Electro Funk elements, Breakbeats, and melodic sounds. He also uses a vocoder for his distinctive music style.

In 2019 he founded the music label ELECTRO PROPAGANDA. Now he is a producer of Electro Funk and Breakbeat music.

GHETTOBLASTER is a musical track created especially for beak dancers with distinctive and robust beats and synths. The combination of new and old school elements creates a unique music style that pleases both old and new generations. The track is a perfect choice for an energy boost when you feel low.

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