“Freestyle,” a song released by Ronaldo Ca$h on Spotify, is getting more and more streams day by day. This rap-style song is the most popular single released by Ronaldo Ca$h, “Overlooked” being the latest release.

Ronaldo Ca$h is a rapper, singer, and songwriter based in Newburgh, New York. He came to the industry in 2019 with numerous independent singles. His songs caught the attention of mainstream labels, and since then, he has had a successful career in the rap industry. Ca$h is expecting to release the debut EP “Humble Enough To Grow” scheduled for release in 2021.

Ronaldo got the inspiration from Tupac, and 50 cent and RnB hits he jammed to as a youngster in the early 2000’s. Since then, this New York-born singer gradually learned to rap and incorporated a melodic twist to his singing style.

Ca$h established Ca$h Crew MGT, a brand, and label. He is gradually gaining a significant following through word of mouth and independent rap publications.

The song is filled with an infectious hook synth that runs through the ears even after the song finishes and shined with a piano melody to incorporate with the music—a mellow beat and flawless lyrics that are fast, strong, and confident. “Freestyle” reflects actual rap music in a modern song.

Listen to “Freestyle” on Spotify.

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