Well-crafted, talented, and bold in a quiet, spacious way. A striking artist, with everything, as needs to be.

Imminent artist Jett has released his debut single Freestyle on Spotify, hoping for a hip hop/rap hit. Freestyle is a laid-back and excellent portion of the music that will thrill the listener in a single play.

Jett is a popping artist based in Hampton, VA. A new face to the music industry with a unique talent for rapping. Jett is a talented artist that can go on a long path in the music career.

The music is beautiful, the performance increasingly fascinating, revealing, and honest, yet focused on hopefulness and personal strength. It is a rousing and increasingly emotive piece, quickly progressing from good to great to quite striking in its genuine take on brighter days, actual values, and self-empowerment.

Above all of this, the soundscape has the familiarity of typical hip hop, but the bloom, clarity, and pace of trap and modern rap.

Boxed In showcases hefty vocals, boldly mixed, upfront, and fearless. The same impression of the track is to rejoice individuality, the freedom to roam through life and between genres and charms, to let creativity wander. The gift of the bars and the faultless rhythm of the delivery all strengthens this central confidence and showing-off.

Jett unites with the beat, naturally fluid through the process, making the whole thing feel genuine and easily crafted.


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