“Forfeit,” a pop song by Layzi and L.ucas, premiered on Youtube on 22 February, 2021 hoping for a hit in Indie pop.

L.ucas and Layzi are two beginner pop artists in Boston. Although they are new to this industry, they have released phenomenal songs so far. Both musicians have their own recordings in addition to this song.

Indie pop style song, “Forfeit”, is a calming song that plays through a calming melody with an incredible acoustic guitar tone. Both singers have a lovely voice that pleases the listeners. As you start playing the song, you can’t wait until it finishes as it catches your full attention.

“Forfeit by Layzi and L.ucas is surely a masterpiece of indie-pop genre songs. We are sure that it will go high up on music charts. Both musicians are solo artists that have solo song releases. L.ucas has been in the music industry since 2018 and has released several songs in Spotify and Apple Music. Layzi has been in the music industry since 2019 and has released several songs on Spotify and Apple Music.

Both artists are born talented, but they have more to learn in this industry. But, they will stay shine as indie-pop artists for years to come.

Watch the official music video of “Forfeit” on Youtube. Listen to Forfeit on Spotify and Apple Music.

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