When you want to hear some music but don’t want any voices, Fjorgar will fulfil your needs. Fjorgar by Sunrostern is a classic and electronic track without any vocals.

Sunrostern is a Youtuber from the United States that publishes shows on Finance and Technology. In addition to that, he uploads his own musical creations. Sunrostern enjoys creating informative content for enjoyment and education.

Sunsrostern produces music in the classic and electronic genre. He gets inspiration from many classical composers, as well as contemporary ones like Tiesto and Ferry Corsten.

The track is made with a synthesizer and a computer program. A mix of classical music and electronic music combined together, not harming both styles. Sunrostern attempted to beautify the track with violin tones that are made with a computer. Still, if you are experienced in music, you can clearly see that those are artificial violin parts, not the real deal. The track flows on various synths and beats, sometimes mellow and sometimes complicated.

The quality of this music track is quite good for a beginner though it has some flaws. Sunrostern has a lot more to learn about music and sound engineering. We guess that he will learn fast as he is a computer geek.

Listen to Sunrostern’s Fjorgar on Youtube.


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