EVERYWHERE I GO, the latest single from CHI MENACE is one of the most infectiously melodic hip hop alternatives to be released this month. Combining rhythmic bars, a bass-driven immersive soundscape, and a varied flow, CHI MENACE creates a track that is sure to drag listeners’ attention.

An up-and-coming, multi-talented musician who primarily records rap/trap and hip-hop is CHI MENACE, a rap artist with many talents who has been operating in the underground rap circuit since 2010 for over a decade. MESSIAH MOBB ENTERTAINMENT produced his latest single, EVERYWHERE I GO.

Far from his debut, but a significant step forward in aspects of complex bars and the sheer intensity of the voice, EVERYWHERE I GO amuses for its ability to hold your attention solely on vocal ability.

The soundscape is straightforward and a little familiar, with a beat and a synth evolution working together to guide the listener through the experience. In other places, it’s CHI MENACE who draws you in, creates a scene, and lays the groundwork for the story’s development.

EVERYWHERE I GO injects a powerful story into the scene simultaneously as the stylistic elements appeal with ease. This varied flow veers through the details, impressing with the artist’s rhythm and explosiveness and intriguing with the feelings changes in volume and overall delivery.

In an equally straightforward manner, the hook resolves cleverly enticing interest from the broader hip-hop community for that trust and anthem-like recognizability. However, in between these moments, a varied flow and increasing tempo meet with compelling, powerful, and specific lyrics to really elevate the entire thing. Very well done.

EVERYWHERE I GO is an effectively addictive new track that features CHI MENACE’s talent at its core and professionalism and brilliant, likable songwriting—getting the chemistry right in modern hip hop and trap.

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