Long-time rockers Doi returns with a bang to remind listeners that creative, intentional, and immersive rock is still alive and thriving. Blending the raw energy of punk and the expressive depth of tone more commonly found in eighties rock, with some superb songwriting that introduces a plethora of absolute anthems, this self-titled full-length project is an indie-rock dream to turn up loud. The clean and simple beat helps to highlight the amazing lyrics which are sweetened by the wonderful vocals of Doi. he is a talented solo artist from Melbourne Australia. 

Doi’s main focus is on indie music with a touch of pop, rock, and electro vibes. Since he is writing and producing his own music he got a clear idea of what should be the output. So he works tirelessly till he gets the perfect outcome so he can satisfy his ever-growing fans with quality music. His mission is to influence society in a positive way and to empower those who are struggling with their lives. So Doi makes music that is awesome to hear and can change your life as a person. Artists like The killers, Matt Maltese, Daniel Caesar, Joji inspired him to pursue a career in music and help millions to have some happy moments. 

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