This cracking single Deserve is intimate and immensely fantastic in design. Superb production truly allows the natural assets of the track and the delivery to stand tall. Indeed, there’s plenty more music where this came from.

Jayo is a versatile musician based in Brooklyn, New York. He is a popping Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Producer in Brooklyn who predominantly records Rap, R&B, Trap, Drill.

Outstanding with a somewhat nostalgic vibe from the kickoff, the bump of the beat and the distinct melody builds a vastly handy pop-like mood. Float in these long-form rhymes, warm and cleanly mixed, and things softly but surely lean towards energizing new territories.

Jayo’s bars are regularly melodic, but it’s delicate – the whole thing well strolls along the line flanked by rap and melody, and the flow switches gear more than a few spells.

Below the vocal progression, we get a notably imposing beat. At close to three minutes long, it’s this overall musical aura that takes the lead for the most part. The vocal tone is next, and the lyrics are the last thing to connect.

Making sure to keep things related topically and tossing in more than a few personal references – to introduce a sense of uniqueness – Jayo works to the best of his abilities as a versatile artist and writer. At the same time, the track Deserve feels decidedly natural, almost like a freestyle but a little more prepared and rhythmically faultless.

That balance is a massive part of what works and appeals about the single. This quality continues throughout the single Deserve. Undoubtedly one to watch, the clarity, in particular, makes for a refreshing alternative to much of mainstream and even indie hip hop of late. 

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