Music is unique and attractive at the same time. Contrasting melancholic undertones with absolute energy & brightness both conceptually & structurally, DEEP SCHULZZ proudly released his single “Decisions” to all the beloved audience out there. 

DEEP SCHULZZ lives in Berlin and his homemade rhythms back up an immediate hit and also his music is always inspiring,  melodic & organic as well. The quality of the product, melody, music, and all other relevant things always highlights in a different way in a nicer way. This amazing soul performs on the acoustic bass, the materialization of analog sound too. Featuring multiple layers of lightness and color, rising into passionate realms of digital scallywags down the alley. 

If you are looking for unique and different awesome music, this is the right platform for you. DEEP SCHULZZ always tries to make a change with melodic & organic jazzy Deep/Tech-House, House, Electronica, Jazz music and also he has already released 2008 CD-Album “KURS”, 2020 Album “DIVISION BY ZERO” on all relevant streaming platforms like I-Tunes, Spotify as well. 

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