“Death” brings you the chill and the horror of real death inside a music track. For those who like experimental music, this music track will give you a chilling experience you’ve been waiting for.

Perfect for a horror movie theme song, the music track is done via computerized synths and mellow humming voices.  The track also includes harp tones which can touch the heart and make you feel the beat inside it. The humming parts will remind you of death, and you may feel like you are in nowhere all alone. “AM/WAS” has done what he needed in this music track which is to bring you the real feeling of facing “Death.”

AM/WAS is a small experimental artist out of Chicago. He makes Multi-Genre, Post-rock, Industrial Hip hop, Alternative, and Experimental music and has 40 thousand monthly listeners and 100k streams on Spotify.

Inspired and influenced by kid Cudi, Jaden, cest la key/coin locker kid, death grips, Radiohead, and slint, AM/WAS is interested in making soulful music that can catch your heart and keep you in a certain state. This music track is a masterpiece of AM/WAS that can keep you in “Death” for a moment.

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