Hip Hop rhythms combine with RnB melodies and a dreamlike, trip-hop soundscape on this single from Wild’Outt. Cooking offers a quickly memorable and entrancing melody, as well as a fast-paced outpouring of lyricism that delicately fuses widespread relevance and personal story-telling. Production-wise the theme on this track stands out. It’s unusual and fun music for anyone to listen to. With the pace and the lyrics the artist manages to create a happy mood and the exceptional music video just makes it perfect. 

Wild’Outt is a local rap artist from Chicago. He is talented in his vision and rapping. combined that with his hard work he has managed to be quite popular among the groove and already got a loyal fan base. You get a partly classic hip-hop-inspired vibe from this, and partly a touch of the more Post Malone style of melodic-rap that’s taken the mainstream by storm in recent years. Wild’Outt walks the line well, all the while making sure to bring in his own personal experiences and emotions when it comes to writing and performing. It doesn’t hit hard, but rather, it offers escapism – the sort of late-night tune we turn to when things get overwhelming or noisy out there in the real world. 

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