Tragic Bloody Fools demonstrate their prowess with strength as their new Alternative Rock single “Breathe” blows across the airwaves with its distinctively heavy, aptly colorful, and highly emotional production.

Tragic Bloody Fools is a Southern California-based four-piece hard rock band. The band was created in 2021 by a group of seasoned musicians that drew influence from bands like Tool, Deftones, Cog, and many others. Their distinct style combines syncopated rhythms, ethereal guitars, and dark lyrical themes with a compelling and high-energy performance.

Erik Piazza and Vinay Kumar are from Southern California, while Jason Siete James is from Boston, MA, and Justin Scott is from Sydney, Australia. The band members have been on many albums and played regionally in both the United States and Australia.

As time passes, the tension grows, and the mass of the soundscape envelops its audience even more. And, in the meantime, you seek connection with Breathe’s lyrics – the title, and indeed each little sentence, pulls you in, and the rhythm keeps you captive there, mesmerizing in its Alt-rock rhythms.

Musically superb, “Breathe” continues to make and break its own structural constraints, impressing for that artistic sense of freedom as much as for this song-writing edge of identity and the equal character found in the leading voice.

The vocal more than bears the brunt of this growth, and by the final quarter, we find ourselves thoroughly involved and under the grip of this hypnotic, spiraling soundscape and presentation; and we don’t want to come out of it quickly enough.

Incredibly poetic, intriguing, and refreshing in both style and topic matter – not to mention instantly recognized and firmly rooted in its own personality. “Breathe,” is yet another one-of-a-kind track from Tragic Bloody Fools. It’s worth knowing about.

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