We all love music. When it comes to Hip Hop music we all have an idea of what’s the perfect hip-hop song. A kid had this vision when he was 14 years old and with time he studied hard to sharpen his natural talent. Black Kid Rock was the fruit of that hard work. BigLeem Addydvddy was that kid with a big vision who was raised and born in Philadelphia. BigLeem Addydvddy is an artist with a clear love for music in all of its forms, his rhythmic vocals bring a level of personality from the offset – a tone and style that’s easy to pinpoint. 

With the study of old-school boom-bap and gangster rap, most of his flows and wordplay delivery originated from it. He is inspired by many Philly artists and certainly, he carries that culture within him with his music. And he is clever enough not to be stuck in one genre but to gather valuable things from each type of music. Creating music gave him the opportunity to create music that we have never listened to before. Hope you will love the uniqueness of this amazing track.

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