Smooth vibes and summer brightness unite for a catchy, cool, and rhythmically addictive new single. Featuring infectious vocals that lead with confidence and faultless skill as they meander through various verses, Beyonce is a pop hit waiting to happen. The soundscape has a simple, minimalist arrangement – recognizable in a subtle way. The production is superb, and the first vocal draws you in for its confidence and style. The smooth vibes it gives are good enough to make you calm while keeping your attention till the very end. RM201 is an RnB duo from Hackensack New Jersey. Who are immensely talented and creative. 

The Icon X Mr. R&b. The two began their music careers creating music in the late 2000s. They are originally from Trinidad and Tobago and they carry the sweet Caribbean sounds with their songs. reigning from 90’s r&b, rapping styles from the likes of Maze and LL Cool J inspired  RM201’s musical journey. But with their own identity fans started to get behind and adore their music. With over 13 years of experience and fan favorites like ‘Cause, I Like Ya’ to ‘Can I’ they are ready to hit the mainstream with their new single. As their musical endeavors continue, they look to bring an enchanting feel from the music for people to adopt within the influence of love. Smart RnB done with style, contemporary, and easy to get into the summertime vibes and inherent confidence of the performances. 

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