Guiding the way with warm and passionate vocals, a simple piano backdrop, and immediately appreciative, faith-focused lyrics, Travis Bray’s Be Thou Our Vision proves a crisp and contemporary yet still timeless take on modern Christianity and song-writing united.

Travis Bray is wonderfully married to Nicole and has four children. His faith journey with Jesus Christ began as a child when Travis accepted His love and forgiveness, which he called Travis.

In high school, he began conducting worship for a parachurch organization whose mission was to evangelize to students in the small town of Alliance, Nebraska. He began teaching and punishing young pupils in middle school during his college years. Following college, he worked as a youth minister and worship leader for his home church as well as a parachurch ministry in the area. He came to Tampa, FL, after graduating from seminary and began conducting worship for churches of all denominations throughout the region.

The new track Be Thou Our Vision continues with a soulful, wandering voice, followed by a typical pop build-up that employs short lines and rhymes – before and on together leads wonderfully into the hook’s resolution.

The music rises higher as the song unveils its actual colors and intentions, inviting in fresh layers that help reinforce the increasing brightness and cheerfulness.

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