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Author page: James

So Blue by The Dina Preston Band

The Dina Preston Band features passionate signature lead vocals, tight 4-part harmonies and burning rock guitars. Each song is crafted with the band's eclectic global music experience, providing a unique, but truly American sound. So Blue" was written for the brave U.S. servicemen and women deployed in active military theaters affected by PTSD. Featured on…

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Bitter by Ju$to

A song can put you in the vibe and make the pain go can help you to feel the moment and bring certainly can make you feel you are living life without suffering.” Bitter” is a unique rap track by skilful rapper “Ju$to”. He is an artist originally from Richmond who currently lives…

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Avocadoplug by SNIPPER

Life is beautiful because its a combination of everything, not just the parts we want. But in the end, everything plays its part in making good memories. Music is also like that it can be more beautiful when there's diversity. That's where “Avocadoplug” steps in to brighten your day. He is from Iceland but currently…

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Smile By Doc T

Music is  our mood fixer. It can bring a smile to our face and  motivate us when we are feeling low.”Smile” is a rap track with a chill vibe with some lovely rap which is inspired by the artist's daughter.”Doc T” has made something so pleasing to hear with  this song.he is an artist from…

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