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Author page: James

Forfeit by Layzi and L.ucas

Music helps us to relax our mind and calm ourselves, especially when the song has a slow beat with a soft melody and soothing vocals. "Forfeit” is the track for you to have some quality time with inner peace in mind. The matching vocals of the skilful duo “Layzi and L.ucas” add some color and…

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I MIss The Day by Tom Jenni

Pop music makes us chill and good medicine to our mind. Imagine that with a nice guitar play and a simple soft melody that highlights the clear vocals. It will be a song we love unconditionally. “Tom Jenni” has managed to achieve that sweet balance that makes us happy while passing the positive energy. A…

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Night time by SGDCLOUD

Music is a tool for those who are creative and passionate to convey their emotions. Do you love to hear some music which will amaze you? This is a real hidden gem of a song that isn't hidden anymore from you. It gives a nice chill vibe with positive energy with melody and a beat.…

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My name by DC Flash

The music feels better when there's a voice with a big presence yet has the talent to convey the message in the right tone to the listeners. If that's the “DC Flash” the ideal man for it. Just check this awesome track “My name” you will have the same thought. Its a song with an…

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