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Author page: James

Fade Away by Cam Be

A song is a powerful source of giving a message in a nicer way. Listen to this amazing hip hop song “Fade Away” to get what I'm trying to say .it is a smooth hip hop song with a funk vibe to it .slow beat and flowing lyrics makes you calm, unlike most other…

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Down by Hnry

Even in hip hop music you can find differences between the regions of origin.”Down” is the  latest track from raising hip hop star from UK “Hnry”. its song with its own way of interpreting hip hop that makes its more pleasing to listen while giving positive vibe  and the feel we want in a hip…

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YerY by Raro

Latin songs make you dance wherever you are right now. It got the perfect beat and the rhythm to move your body and it gives the right energy to boost your mood. “Raro” is a track with a nice flowing beat and a sweet melody which is sweetened by the amazing lyrics and vocals which…

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