A unique fusion of contemporary styles and a quickly recognizable vocal tone, Anti-Naruto introduces the sound of Gold Frames on Brown Skin in an immersive and creative way. From simple beginnings, he lights up the room with minimal layers of color, plenty of space, and a vocal leader that’s mellow yet confident as it meanders through this opening story. Throw in a clever inflection for a melodic hook, a worthy resolve, and the whole thing feels like an alternative pop-hip-hop anthem. This is a strong start to the single.

Gold Frames on Brown Skin formally known as D’andre Orange an emerging hip-hop rap artist from Macon, Ga. It was the hometown of some great musicians such as Little Richard and Otis Redding. As a young kid, he joined the school band and learned to read music to compose lyrics, and even played the tuba. With his hard-hitting flows and lyrics that are honest, he is marking his arrival in the global hip-hop arena.  

The style of this amazing artist is unique and refreshing which appeals to both old and young fans. Since he is a good lyricist he knows how to talk about pressing issues in society and gives a good lesson through his music which is nice to listen to. Artists like Outkast, Run The Jewels, Three 6 Mafia, Lil Jon, and The Eastside Boyz are his favorites that he listens to take inspiration.

The reason for his success is that he always makes music with passion and his own Carisma that gives him his own identity.  The experience he got from working with Yung Joc Young Dirty Bastard and Big Rube is a good sign that everyone is taking note of this upcoming talent.

Undoubtedly a song that gets better as it moves along – and indeed with each re-visit. Slowly but surely the creative edge and personality of Gold Frames on Brown Skin, along with these gripping, deeply personal stories, shines with unquestionable brightness. The production style is unusual, the presentation fairly gentle, laid-back, but this works in its favor – and keeps the focus on the mood and the stories. A more than worthy debut, with some refreshing lyrical framing of unexpected concepts.

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