“Always” has a tune for right now, fresh and full of life and energy and hooks. “Always” is a hip-hop-style song with more rap-like singing created by S1yKillRyuk.

S1yKillRyuk is a hip-hop artist who is just starting his journey in the music industry. Based in Pittsburgh, Pa, S1yKillRyuk plays music for his enjoyment. He makes music as a hobby and uploads them to Youtube to share his work with the world.  He hopes to be a big player in the music industry in the near future. S1yKillRyuk says, “Never Give Up” on what you love, your passion.

“Always” starts with an infectious hook where the listener can not ignore the tune in the head even the song finishes. The beats begin after about 30 seconds, and the song is shined up by some other computerized synths and vocals. S1yKillRyuk is more like freestyling rapping like he is never going to stop singing. The music production is quite good for a beginner artist. 

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