STRANGER  takes on a handful of distorted rock soundscapes for this unique side-step away from previous releases. The voice is the same, immediately recognizable for All The Time’s freestyling spoken-word delivery and the gritty rasp of the tone.

Nods to German Techno and minimal production styles bring Stranger’s new single into the post-punk realms of stripped-back Krautrock. The lyrics get messages of hope on the horizon and a light at the end of the tunnel. Synthesized elements move in and out of the constant rolling bass, and drum groove takes us on a journey through the emptiness of now. Like nighttime, many parts can be beautiful, but there is always a longing for light, sun, and the warmth that the day can bring.

All The Time is the sixth single from Brighton-based Stranger.

His Impressive achievements as an artist are Previous support from BBC Intro South, Come Here Floyd, American Pancake, Left Bank Mag, Last Day Deaf, RFRNCE, Alternative Alpaca and Inspot Music, Stream Playlist, RFRNCE.

The effect of the hard-rock power through clearly takes the performance to new realms – less laid-back, more lengthy notes held for a grunge-like sense.

The opening, self-titled track, and the lyrics seem to flow through like our character is lost in a trip by focusing on single phrases and words rather than overloading the listener with bars.

All The Time sees the more classic Passed out STRANGER   introduce things, the creation softer as distortion fills the backdrop. Faster bars, a more specific expression that blends personal sketches with an accessible relaying. The backing music here has a likable simplicity, looping and meeting the darkness and cursing of the lyrics with its hypnotic presence.

All The Time is the most versatile, eclectic project from STRANGER so far. Musically, a definite highlight is given the natural connection between the soundscapes and the grit and passion of the voice.

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