A fun and cheeky song that is creative and in the groove; that’s what Wild and Scrumptious are. Created in collaboration with an Italian writer Filomena Vicere, Suhasini released this song on Spotify, hoping for a pop hit.

Suhasini is an exciting pop artist from New Delhi, India. She believes music’s healing power bares her soul to the listener, leaving a part of herself in every song and performance. Heavily influenced by Adele Demi Lovato, she engages in the emotional pop genre in her songs.

Wild And Scrumptious is the first single off the upcoming collaborative album. The Puzzles Project by Suhashini and Filomena Vicere. The song is written in playful lyrics and created with lively music that can make you dance. Suhasini and Filomena say The Puzzles Project contains small pieces of life. Each piece is a free expression of thoughts given by the experience of everyday life. We have tried to tell
without filters and with a bit of imagination what happens in the human soul by fitting pieces of songs and strong emotions.

Suhasini was acclaimed for her previous releases and featured in Midday India for her most recent collaborative offering, proving that she is a highly talented artist.

With full of enthusiastic music parts and creative lyrics, Wild and Scrumptious" makes a perfect fit for a dance party. Suhasini’s vocals shine in an energetic, solid, and delightful manner that gives this song an extra dynamism.

Check out Suhasini’s Wild And Scrumptious on Spotify. You can follow Suhasini on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube for more song releases. At the same time, support. The Puzzle Project on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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