Straight from the brand new single, The First Song marks a creatively unique introduction to the artist Pan Rich. Featuring a simple soundscape that stylishly unites ambient, dreamlike delicacy with a relentlessly paced yet subtly mixed rhythm, The First Song goes on to keep things spacious and clear, yet to follow along with a freely expressive, meandering vocal, as it details the emotions and stages of the story in a poetically captivating way. The artist gives a new meaning to pop music and raises the culture from this unusual track which gained a lot of traction in the pop industry. Richard Blaha, known as „Pan Rich” is a creative composer. 

And Pan Rich is a newcomer to the scene. Since the world is going through a pandemic many lost their jobs and going out is a safety concern too. So he started composing conceptual music from home. Artistically unusual, refreshing in being so, yet also considerably short at just 3 minutes  – the track is a fine example of the uninhibited creativity with which Did Not Play approaches music. Thanks to his special talent of giving a clear message quickly he got the chance to compose music for Volkswagen advertisements and much more. His 80ies pop music, 70ies punk, Billie Eilish, David Bowie, Drake, or The Residents inspired music with a modern touch is enjoyed by a wide variety of listeners around the globe.

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