EDM is a genre we love thanks to its magical ability to make us forget our problems and enjoy the moment. Resurrection is a track that got Stylishly blending the multi-layered, euphoric energy of EDM and intricate sound design, with powerfully passionate vocals and a clear sense of rising anticipation,  Xeksol’s new single fearlessly fuses genres, and drives with absolute strength of song-writing and artistic intention. He is an Electronic Music Producer from Florida who works tirelessly over 12 years to produce music that will ultimately make listeners’ day and the mood better. Xeksol is an artist who makes music based on his current mood so each one of his songs got a unique taste and melody which makes him a better artist with a huge variety. His talent in playing guitar and piano helps him to make nice melodies that please his audience. Check out his social media to get to know more about this wonderful artist and to chill your mind with some quality music.

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