God can calm the storms in you, believe in god. Pivotal Awakening is of a Contemporary Christian band from the United States. With having the greatest faith in God and music.  Pivotal Awakening was the Finalists in the 2020 and 2021 Detroit Music Awards as well. Pivotal Awakening released one of the single “Praise the Glory” to all the music lovers out there and it will show and guide you through the right path too.  

Having a great and unexpected start from the beginning,  Pivotal Awakening decided to come up with good and amazing music for all the audience out there. Having a great and true passion for music so much these amazing and talented souls came a long way. 

Stunning and attractive vocals of a breathy and soulful quality lead us through this softly enveloping soundscape. A unique dreamy ambiance leads us into an equally hypnotic rhythm and soundscape for this blissfully produced, beautifully crafted as well. Stunning, attractive vocals slowing things down to a mellow pace, and soulful music bringing down the most delicate tunes for every listener without a doubt. You all can develop faith towards the god and have faith in him as well. 

Having been inspired by all kinds of music, Pivotal Awakening could participate as the debut artist in the 2020 American Red Cross’ Detroit-area ‘Rock the Red Kettle’ concert series as well. 

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