Driving with a distinct level of identity and creative freedom, producer and artist Frederic Marquardt more than delivers on the implied unpredictability of his name with this uniquely meandering, concise yet striking new track. 

From the opening weight and color of Modular Patch # 28, we’re thrown into a mildly retro, partly distorted realm of rhythm and cinematic intensity. Simple sound design makes for a spacious, minimalist set-up in every case, and it’s this – fused with the retro synth choices and the heavy, eighties-style beats – that gives the track such a thread of personality.

Frederic Marquardt is a talented musician from Stuttgart who was born in 1987. His music career started at a very young age since he was born to a family of musicians. He was exposed to a wide range of music genres and it helped him do his own thing with the exposure he got over the years. 

He started playing as a solo and in the orchestra on many occasions. Currently, he is working as a teacher at a music school. His ambition is to help others to feel the joy of listening to music and making music. And make it more accessible to the children. Frederic is an expert in making experimental electronic percussion. It’s something we don’t get to hear very often. Which makes it a new experience for all of us.

Modular Patch # 28 Is a reminder of the unorthodox yet distinguished and characterful sound. The cool vibe of his music makes him so famous among the people who love experimental music which elevates the music to new heights. Frederic has already managed to be the center of a nice audience that keeps growing.


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