Are you ready for a musical journey? Stylishly blending melodic ambiance and intentional story-telling “Antehero” is another significant Alternative Rock band based in Los Angeles, CA. Having a true and talented gang will always guide you to the correct path and “ Antehero” is also a flock of birds who fly all over the sky with true and marvelous music chords with them. They have recently released another single “Midheaven” to all the beloved audiences out there. 

 Antehero has started its journey by playing the local club circuit in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. And soon, almost all audiences found their true talents and made their path more comfortable by believing them at the same time. The music of Antehero fuses soulful vocals with sophisticated arrangements that capture the spirit of renaissance periods of Rock music, galvanized with a contemporary edginess.

 As the audience, you all will figure out the great song-writing, a softly passionate delivery, all blended with unusual sound design for a truly interesting and also decidedly unique hit of artistry with Alternative Rock. The band built a following opening for acts like Blind Melon, Blue Oyster Cult, and Buckcherry, and from showcases of its music videos in regional Film Festivals as well. 

 Antehero is offering something of a nostalgic yet also refreshingly delicate take on contemporary rock, these amazing souls fuse soulful vocals with sophisticated arrangements to create a sound that is contemporary, yet captures the spirit of earlier renaissance periods of Rock music. Having been inspired by Soundgarden, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Alice In Chains, Radiohead, Antehero always focuses their work with so much passion and with a positive vibe as well. 

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