MFM DEEP is one of the most talented musicians who is based in Tampa, Fl. This amazing soul has brought his recently released single “Keep On” to all the music lovers out there. 

Delicately brought up this amazing track and if you are a great house music fan, you are on the most correct platform. Sometimes with your mood swings, you do not need any lyrics to listen to a track. But of course, great music with so many different and unique tunes blended with great tempo will give you a different kind of flavor as well. 

In original house music, you will find electronic dance music along with four-on-the-floor beats and the interesting fact is this is a typical tempo with 120 to 130 various and interesting beats per minute. If you are a beginner for house music this awesome track “Keep on” will give you the most amazing vibe with a great flow. 


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