Easy-going good vibes pour through for this hip-hop-infused beat and soundscape from upcoming hip hop artist LightSkin. Focused intently on the concept of communication and its importance within relationships, I Thought I Saw You features the classic pairing of a soulful RnB hook with a slightly heavier, rhythmically engaging rap verse. It is easy to listen to any hip-hop fan without being old or young due to its amazing vibe.

 Lightskin is a young upcoming hip-hop artist from Brooklyn, NY. Since his early day’s music were his passion and happy place. Once he decided that he wanted to pursue a career in music he dedicated his time and effort to create music that is unique and nicer to listen to. With time LightSkin has managed to polish his talent and create music that is high quality. He is an artist who adds something to Hip hop and elevates it to new heights. On top of the relatable and inspiring concept is a quickly immersive, likable production style. Throw in superb performances both in the rap and the melody, and the track holds attention with ease as it progresses through its various sections.

The verse story captivates, intrigues, and the hook resolves in a passionate, soulful manner – injecting a memorable chorus that really helps elevate the whole thing beautifully. Nostalgic in style yet contemporary in its dealing with the subject matter. Really nicely crafted. You won’t regret the time you spend listening to this wonderful artist.

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