Dreemy Yoey fuses the brightness and near-EDM energy of electro-pop with a heavy bass-line and a laid-back lyrical backbone for this latest release.

Dreemy Yoey is an upcoming artist from the Tri-State area. He is a Freshprinceofpunk rager kid who is all about energy and vibes. He has worked with artists such as currency shy, glizzy, trinida, James, and 69ine. Dreemy Yoey makes Hip hop, trap, and rock genre music.

Filled with solid beats and energetic tunes, Hanging Out is an energizing song that makes you feel like you want to do something. Computerized synths are refreshing that reminisce rock music, but the song is more onto trap style. The vocals of Dreemy Yoey are delicately expressive, strong, and confident, and the lyrics are flawless and enthusiastic.

Dreemy Yoey has a solid and confident voice that is suitable for a rap artist, and he is talented in making energetic vibes. One listens to his songs will make you want to listen to more of his music if you are a rock music fan.

Watch the official music video of Hanging Out by Dreemy Yoey on Youtube. Follow him on Instagram.

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