Braxton showcases gorgeously soulful, breathy vocals and a hypnotic manner of sound design as FullMoon introduces a uniquely melodic take on contemporary hip hop. Featuring an initially appealing hook and an immersive, colorful ambiance, FullMoon goes on to tick a whole lot more creative boxes. The rap verse is decidedly nostalgic, cleanly mixed, and purposeful in the topic, and the depth and volume of this voice contrasts effectively with that of the more delicate, whispered hook. 

Braxton is a passionate hip-hop artist from Inland Empire, Ca. he started from spoken word poetry. With time he made music for himself. With his talent and passion for rap, Braxton  started working with producer TH, making music for the community. He loves to make Afro-pop tracks but he takes elements from other genres too. Linkin Park, Donell Jones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Erykah Badu, DRAMA, Tupac, J.Cole are some of the artists who inspired Braxton to make music. Actually, he makes music as an appreciation to the soulful music he grew up with. His wordplay is strong and he always manages to deliver the message he intends to society in a subtle way. As a combination of all the facts, it didn’t take too long for him to be established as a good hip-hop artist in people’s hearts. 

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