A carefully wistful feel drags us into an equally hypnotic rhythm and soundscape for this blissfully created, beautifully twisted new single from QHop

QHop is a versatile Upcoming artist from Mobile, Alabama. He is a popping artist in Mobile, Alabama, who predominantly sings HipHop and Rap. The Memphis rap sound and Starlito influence QHop.

In a simple yet effective style, the beat exploits contrast well – balancing higher synths and a touch of jazz with that massive and undisputable bass line. Together with this, QHop makes sure to take a total plus of every second. Whether with melody or rap, his story is told at a powerful and again conflicting degree, and being that his voice is just unique enough to stand out, he manages to hold your attention right the way through.

From the outside, Double Dribble hits like an impressive and smooth-flowing contemporary hip-hop track. Double Dribble is a track that hikes up with each changing section. The varied flow, the switching of the rap-like melody are remarkable. When you pay enough attention, what you also find within is an artist with genuinely refreshing bars.

Barely surpassing almost two and half-minute mark, Double Dribble is over and done within no time, but the anthem-like quality of the music and that title concept helps make it one of the more prominent to arise in the genre of late.

QHop has impressed in this track marks a further climb higher up that ladder. Even the best gifts just enough character and alternative vibes to demand on a broader level – the synths and triad progression appear superbly in Double Dribble.

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