A simple beat and a few cold riffs float through by the side of a motivated and passionate leading voice of QHop. The lyrics make all the effort. The track doesn’t need any stunts or quirks to give it mass – something you come to recognise and appreciate throughout the single Double Dribble

QHop is a versatile Upcoming artist from Mobile, Alabama. He is a popping artist in Mobile, Alabama, who predominantly sings HipHop and Rap. The Memphis rap sound and Starlito influence QHop.

Speaking volumes on behalf of the tunefully humble yet lyrically confident, captivating artist’s captivating style and the upcoming video, Double Dribble light work of fetching its audience. There’s no room or need for plaster at almost two minutes thirty; only the bars, the riffs and the hook are needed. This video is likely to go down well once the live shows start back up.

In the meantime, the music is easy to love – simple good vibes, subtle and dreamy, inspiring and optimistic. The deep groove of the soundscape put together the increasing energy and density of the vocal in a charming way. So you may be lost within the optimistic mood of the video but compelled by the relentless outpouring of images and reflections.

The seemingly simple arrangement of the promo video misleads – the incredibly conscious nature of the lyrics shows far from satisfying with a single listen; the track pleads for repeat plays, at which point QHop subtly elevates himself from good to significant to superb.

Well worth a few spins this season.

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