Robot Highway’s new single Cycle combines a thoughtful and passionate hip hop core with a brilliantly unexpected structure and sample; the track is nothing like you’d expect, but it’s everything you could want in an original, alternative, and addictive song.

Robot Highway, who was born in Guyana, South America, and raised on Long Island, New York, creates music that combines two very different cultures. His family has influenced Robot Highway’s work ethic, and he even co-owns an Auto Detailing business with his father. His sound is self-described as “Wholesome Trap,” and after listening to a few songs, you’ll quickly see why. He lays more time and energy into the game than those around him. Robot Highway’s catchy flows and thoughtful lyrics will captivate any casual listener and keep his songs on repeat.

His TikTok video has over 11 million views, and his TikTok account has over 30 thousand followers. Onset, he’s collaborated with itsbizkitt, Uncle Murda, Benny the Butcher, Rah Swish, Nathaniel the Great, Capella Gray, and 10k. Top New York DJ Hip Hop Mike has also reposted him.

With a track like this, simplicity is vital, and the layers work well together. Easygoing rhymes that feel familiar and relevant to the title concept flow through a colorful soundscape with a heavy beat that appears only occasionally – adding dynamic and assisting in maintaining a groove that works well given the song’s topic. Even though Cycle is only a little more than three minutes long, the hook stays with you.

Listen at total volume to get the full effect: multiple layers of synths and heavy bass notes and beats rain down, revealing a structurally entertaining and engaging piece.

Cycle is a fine little boost of energy as the sun begins to set, a final grasp at musical warmth and optimism before the winter months set in.

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