Back once again through a brand new track, TheGilFactor’s latest single offers a fresh set of a creative dance-pop song – not least of all the melodic and engaging groove of an emotive Crypto

Amaury Gil, the artist behind TheGilFactor, assures that “CRYPTO” is just the beginning in the music industry with its unique and dynamic mix of hip-hop, trap, and pop. Coming from the Dominican Republic, he trained in the US. More precisely, in the Bronx, immersed in a diversity of musical genres such as Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B, he managed to discover the passion he felt for music from an early age.

Under the support of TheGilFactor, as CEO of GilFactor Records, they released D’MA’s first single, “Tus Amigas,” in 2020. The track was an exploration of a genre full of discoveries endless opportunities. Working since 2006, Amaury has been working on original music and perfecting himself as a DJ. Although he is currently the true artist and music producer, he enjoys and shares his vision in the music industry with its vibrant combination of hip-hop and pop.

Add to this an inventive instrumental that continues to allow the piece to grow – not to stand tall on the strength of the voice merely, as is the pop-dance way for the most part – and the track efficiently relights that TheGilFactor sense of artistic freedom and production personality.

Holding things abstractly relevant, easy-going yet confident, and striking occasionally, the Crypto’s energy and sense of anticipation rise and rise – the instrumental and the hook dropping in with just the right level of addictive and immersive beat to allow for genuine escapism.

Hypnotic and mellow, with some enjoyable synth warping for a solo-like feel towards the end, the track Crypto is all at once recognizable and erratic as it makes its way through a short yet satisfying two minutes and fifty-one seconds.

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