The gears throughout the song are precise. Outside of these – the rest is left to the ability and creatively free mind of the composer.

Chad Rubin is one of the most eminent emerging singers in the music scene, composed to leave an impact. The pop performer, producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter radiates a versatile style that will hook people. From an early age, Chad was engulfed in music
through his family and started formally playing in bands at twelve. The Arizona-bred artist looks to leave an everlasting influence on his audience, as his music arouses raw emotions. Through every creation, Chad seeks to connect with listeners personally, in which they will find his music-related. Inspired by his life involvements, Chad Rubin creates his artistic lane as his sound symbols the genre divide to create a sole pop sound that separates him from many in the scene. With a lot of composition in the works, Chad Rubin is set to leave his footmark in the scene.

This versatile American artist lives in Scottsdale, Az Huntington Beach, Ca. He is inspired by Jack Johnson, John Mayer, and Jon Bellion.

With every few bars of music, there is something new to hug and gain. Yet again, the music is impulsive, but the moments make impeccable sense once they reach. It’s art for the performer, first and foremost. Still, capability, knowledge, and skill of what music is and how it works leads to a wholly fresh yet entirely accessible collection of songs.

The track doesn’t mostly feel like that of a particularly exact genre, but it's very easy to appreciate and get into the vibe and sound – hopefully, this is a strong indication of the quality and creative musicality that can be expected from the upcoming single.

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