Blue Skies introduces a beautifully artistic, refreshingly exciting take on contemporary pop and visual imagery – musical impact and emotional undertones united in one passionate, powerful single.

Tori Catalano is an emerging female pop artist based in California. Although she has published only a couple of songs to the public, the songs prove that this is the next pop celebrity we were waiting for as she is an extremely talented artist. Her beauty stands out among others which is a plus point in order to be famous. Along with Blue Skies, she has published two more songs on online streaming sites including Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora.

Blue Skies features striking production as well as vocals and lyrics that are uniquely expressive, creating an uncompromising web of intrigue around listeners. The ascending guitar riff and varied vocals help keep things interesting throughout, staying close to the familiar threads that make the release distinctive while veering off just enough to keep the listener entertained for the entire post-three minutes.

Blue Skies exhibits a commendable level of vulnerability and passion, both lyrically and musically. The sound is incredibly unique, distinguished by the fusion of groovy drums and lighter vocal melodies.

Well worth adding to your playlist this summer.

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